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SPACE unites near and far in bringing the mystery close to you. Give your walls an artistic expression and allow yourself to be seduced by the fickle, variable finish. SPACE is a metallic paste that gives velvet-smooth walls with a delicate metallic effect. Not two SPACE walls are the same and that is the charm of it.The SPACE series consists of different types of metal paste. Eris, Nova, Aurora, Orbit, Norma, Vega and Infinity are developed with a technology that provides a changing tone-in-tone look. Where as Cosmos, Element, Gravity and Eclipse give a one-toned look. The metal will accumulate sporadically across the surface  and  create great contrasts.

SPACE is easy to apply and therefore the product is very suitable for do-it-yourself people. The metallic paste is applied to the wall in one layer, using a trowel. The paste will absorb into the base underneath, the only precondition being that the product is applied to a sanded, plastered base.

We suggest to use our Primer and Filler to complete a SPACE project.

Due to few processes and short drying times, a SPACE wall can be finished in 1-2 days.

8-10 square meters

Hazard phrases
Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. (H412)




SPACE Gravity, Cosmos, Element, Eclips SDS – SAFETY DATA SHEET

SPACE Orbit, Aurora, Nova, Vega, Eris, Norma, Infinity, Zodiac SDS – SAFETY DATA SHEET


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